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A new concept of automatic barrier: Gard Series

In Italy as well as all over the world our Gard8 has achieved a great success.It may be thanks to its soft contours androunded corners or it might be due to itsinnovation and design for all-inclusive safety.Gard 8 is a win-to-win solution when youconsider safety, design and overtimeresistance a priority.


Venice, Italy – Gard 8



Thanks to the additional RSE
card the barriers can be
installed facing each other or
be synchronised with the
“compass” function at the
same access point.


Gard 4
Venice, Italy

The new Gard barriers are the ideal solution for
control of roads and
parking areas for industrial
and public use.
Keep speed in check For
total service, the 24V
electronics enables the
operating speed to be
adjusted depending on
whether the situation
requires faster or slower
openings and closings.

Gard 8, Audi Zenturum
Treviso, Italy

A blend of design and
modern technology of
The exclusive
incorporated flashing
light with a lighted LED
diffuser needs no
special maintenance
and ensures complete
visibility of the warning

Gard 4 Treviso, Italy



Protected by a
aluminium guard,
it is positioned to
make any type of


Gard 8 Poland,
IBM Branch


Fequent blackouts
The electronics of a Gard
24V system automatically
recognizes a lack of
power and activates
emergency operation
with special auxiliary

Gard 8
Segafredo Zanetti
Coffee Company
Bologna, Italy

Streets, parking areas,
collective areas or simply
specific functional and
security needs of the
system can call for the
use of a Gard system
with 24V technology.

Gard 4
Bosnia Hadovinia




Gard4 Plus Urbaco Product – Marseille Port, France
Round tubular bar. For maximum reduction of the sail effect ensuring correct functioning
even in areas subject to high winds.

Gard 4
Kuwait Airport







Electronic control
of the movement
of the bar with
detection (anticrushing

Gard 8 United Real
Estate Company
S.A.K. (URC) – Kuwait



Gard 8
The Avenue Mall –







Gard 8
M30 – Madrid, Spain – M30 is the road that leads to Madrid City Center
Intensive traffic The low-voltage motor ensures operation of the barrier for intensive traffic
conditions, such as streets, parking areas and other areas entailing constant, intensive

Mostly used by hotels and business centers
Gard 8 can control the access in entrance
and exit and is also used to control the
access to the parking lot.


United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Jumeirah
Emirates Towers












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