KT-02.3 IP-Stile

The KT-02.3 IP-Stile is a stand-alone system for effective and secure access control to a facility by means of proximity cards under authorized / non-authorized principle. Initial installation of the IP-Stile KT-02.3 is easy and fast: fix the turnstile to the floor with anchor bolts and connect it to a 12V DC power supply and an Ethernet network.

System package

The standard delivery set includes:

  • turnstile with built-in controller and two proximity card readers
  • remote control panel
  • free single user software PERCo-SL01

Main features

The KT-02.3 IP-Stile can operate either off-line with a cable RC panel or a wireless remote control or as part of an access control system via proximity readers upon presentation of an access card, or with a PC connected to an Ethernet based LAN.

The built-in access controller has a non-volatile memory to store up to 50,000 cardholders and 135,000 events.

The KT-02.3 housing is equipped with two built-in proximity readers (for EMM cards) placed under the indication modules. Each of the indication modules is provided with three graphic indicators: the green arrow indicates that access is granted; the amber “hand with card” sign indicates that a card must be presented; the red stop sign indicates that that access is denied.

A built-in mechanical release lock enables manual unlocking of the turnstile with a key resulting in free rotation of the barrier arms in both passage directions.

Sample screenshot of video identification

Available Options


Installation of the optional PERCo-SL02 software with video identification enables to prevent unauthorized use of valid ID cards that have been lost, stolen or otherwise improperly obtained. When a card is presented to the card reader, the cardholder’s photo from the database appears on the guard’s PC screen. Then the guard can check the entrant’s face against the database photo/video camera snapshot and decide whether to allow the access or not.

For optimum control of pedestrian flow, the KT-02.3 IP-Stile can be supplied with matching railings.The turnstile housing can be equipped with anti-panic folding arms.

Technical Specifications 

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