Total safety with reduced dimensions.
Bridge, the sharp and silent turnstile is ideal for controlling entrances and exits in small and medium sized sporting events complexes, supermarkets and businesses. By taking up little room it works perfectly even when space is a problem, and so is suited for multiple access control.



Functional and practical passage selection.
Twister is CAME’s new turnstile for transit selection in areas with high-flow volumes. Made of stainless steel it is ideal for train stations and ports, underground stations, sporting events complexes and any setting that requires selection of people-transit flows to optimize entry and exit operations. Twister also seamlessly integrates with CAME’s access control systems.



For large passage ways.
Guardian is the perfect solution when security at large passage ways, even unmanned ones, is needed to regulate high volumes of pedestrian foot traffic. Designed to also work outdoors, Guardian is employed at airports, seaports, large business facilities, underground stations, train stations and stadiums.

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