Product Description

The most capable UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) available for detecting Contraband, Drugs, Explosives, and other Objects. If your premises are worth securing, it’s worth looking into under vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS). our UVSS solutions are designed to scan, monitor, and digitally record crisp, clear digital video images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undersides – all with one permanent or portable system. Careful integration of components makes the UVSS a cost-effective and convenient solution for checking passenger vehicles, vans, buses, semi tractors, trucks and trailers, and more. It’s an ideal solution for governmental, military, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required.


Advanced imaging and LED illumination provide clear, high resolution video of the vehicle’s underside to help detect attached packages, explosives, and other objects. for monitoring, images are processed by digital video recorder (DVR) capable of recording 4-16 channels simultaneously and then displaying moving images on screen. The UVSS DVR delivers the full picture of a vehicle’s entire width and length for a fraction of the cost of less capable systems.

Unmatched integration  flexibility

Each UVSS gives you total flexibility in integrating with your security  system. The open architecture means you can connect to your existing CCTV system, can  transmit your video over IP, fiber optics, coax, or wireless, and can integrate with automatic License plate recognition and driver  image-capture cameras. The  system can be configured with  motion detection or loop  detection so that you only  record “live” events.

Seeing is securing in real time

With the UVSS, you can view in Real-time and full color for the entire length of the vehicle. There is no waiting like with line-scan systems and no need for an expensive  image-processing computer. See it live with no delay. And it’s just as easy to store images on a DVR to keep a high-resolution record of  all vehicles.

Sharp images provide the total picture

High-resolution color cameras give you clear, sharp images. Bright white, high-intensity led-based lighting illuminates the vehicle’s undercarriage so details aren’t lost in shadows. And with the ability to place cameras anywhere along the length of the ramp, wheel wells and other details are easy to capture.

Cameras feature a tough, scratch-proof sapphire lens
Since there are no areas for water to gather, there are no special drainage requirements or special cleaning equipment required. Each system is backed with a manufacturer’s unconditional no-questions-asked warranty.
Permanent and portable systems available
The portable version is installed by just laying the ramp in the inspection areas with some traffic cones around it. It comes with a galvanized cable protector to cover and protect the cables that go to the portable monitoring station. Permanent versions can be field installed by one person in less than one hour. There are no pits to dig and no major construction required.
Built rugged for long life UVSS System
The heavy-duty, low-profile Galvanized steel ramps have a 48-ton capacity and are designed to withstand harsh environments, rugged terrain, and extreme temperatures. Likewise, cameras and lighting are encased in sturdy, weatherproof housings. Leds offer the most reliable, low-heat light source available, with a typical life of over 100,000 hours. Leds are preferred over halogen lamps because of their significantly longer life and lower heat generation.

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